Melissa E-Mails From Nepal

Melissa e-mailed us from Nepal. Here’s an excerpt:

how are you? i miss you so much!

so i finally got to nepal and its not what i expected. im not really sure what i was expecting but i really love it here.

driving around in the car is a little scary. you could shake hands with the person in the car next to you easily.

the hotel we are staying in is really cute. they say we might have bedbugs and cockroaches but i havent seen them yet. we eat and cook meals on the top of the hotel and then you can look down on the city. the streets are filled with trash and little kids are running around outside at two in the morning.

the kids have already broken my heart. i love them and they are so cute.

She and Ashley have two more weeks in Kathmandu and then they go to Pokhara. I’m looking forward to the next installment.