The Gratitude Campaign

Ever wanted to say “thank you” to those serving but didn’t really know how? Thanks to the Gratitude Campaign, now you do, using the American Sign Language sign for “thank you.”

What a great idea!

King5 has the story.

Update (Dec 15): I told my daughter, Heather, about the Gratitude Campaign and demonstrated my new knowledge of sign language. She gave me a blank stare and asked me what I was trying to say. Turns out, the Gratitude Campaign is not teaching the American Sign Language sign for “thank you.”

You can learn it here.

Hat tip: Black Five.

One response to “The Gratitude Campaign”

  1. Charles Avatar

    This is defintely a story and a lesson about the importance of gratitude.

    One day I was teaching a weekend college course on business start-up. The elevator was broken, so I had to lug my dolley of 4 boxes, by hand, up three flights of stairs. I was outside, and it was a little hot and sunny, but not unbearably unpleasant. I began to complain and grumble about how the school should have the elevators working and so on and so forth. I was angry that I had to go through all of this trouble to get to the top of the stairs.

    Then, just as I reached to the top of the stairs, a young man, a quadriplegic, in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the neck down, operating his chair with just the slight movements of his bent-to-the-side neck, saw me and with a big, beautiful smile said to me, “Nice day, isn’t it.” I was stunned with embarrassment. Here I was moaning and groaning with all of my faculties and in perfect health, and here is a young man paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair telling me how pleasant a day it was. From that life-changing moment to this day, I have never complained about any physical labor again. “Only by the grace of God there go I.”