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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I have so much to be thankful for! :-)

  • Oh the Joy!

    Oh, the joy of riding home from work to see Jamison edging the lawn he just mowed. Atta boy! :-)

  • 谢谢 Taipei!

    谢谢 Taipei!

    Goodbye, Taipei. It was much too short. Thank you, Jimmy, Falconee, Celia, and Jacky for such a great time. :-)

  • A Little Recognition

    A Little Recognition

    I went for a bike ride to tune up my engine. A little recognition is in order: To those in the cars that saw me and gave me room: Thank you! Some of you gave me so much room that I couldn’t have hit you if I tried. I’m not complaining. :-) To the inventor…

  • The Gratitude Campaign

    Ever wanted to say “thank you” to those serving but didn’t really know how? Thanks to the Gratitude Campaign, now you do, using the American Sign Language sign for “thank you.” What a great idea! King5 has the story. Update (Dec 15): I told my daughter, Heather, about the Gratitude Campaign and demonstrated my new…

  • Thank you!

    Veterans, this one’s for you.