The only issue this election day

There is only one issue in this election that will matter five or ten years from now, and that’s the War on Terror.

And the success of the War on Terror now teeters on the fulcrum of this election.

If control of the House passes into Democratic hands, there are enough withdraw-on-a-timetable Democrats in positions of prominence that it will not only seem to be a victory for our enemies, it will be one.

Unfortunately, the opposite is not the case — if the Republican Party remains in control of both houses of Congress there is no guarantee that the outcome of the present war will be favorable for us or anyone else.

But at least there will be a chance. (Source.)

So starts an essay by Orson Scott Card, a Democrat, on the 2006 election. Whether you agree with Card or not, you owe it to yourself to read the rest of his essay.

Hat tip: Little Green Footballs.