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  • Wi-Ne-Ma Morning

    Wi-Ne-Ma Morning

    This was Jamison’s last Wi-Ne-Ma trip with Faith. I had a last-minute opportunity to go for a portion, so I took it. As is my tradition, I got up reasonably early and took a walk up the beach to the rock and back.

  • Wi-Ne-Ma Rock

    Wi-Ne-Ma Rock

    At Wi-Ne-Ma, a rocky sentinel guards the north end of the beach.

  • Wi-Ne-Ma Mist

    Wi-Ne-Ma Mist

    Another Faith Bible spring Winema retreat has come and gone. Both Suzi and I chaperoned this year. Before breakfast Friday morning, I took my regular walk to the rock at the north end of the beach. Unlike in previous years, the sun didn’t show up. Also, the sand at the rock appears about a foot…

  • Wi-Ne-Ma Morning

    Wi-Ne-Ma Morning

    Last Thursday and Friday, Suzi and I again chaperoned Faith Bible’s Wi-Ne-Ma retreat. What an awesome trip! Friday morning I awoke early and walked the beach with my camera.

  • Morning Run

    Morning Run

  • Beach Selfie

    Beach Selfie

  • A Beautiful Morning in Wi-Ne-Ma

    A Beautiful Morning in Wi-Ne-Ma

    Thursday and Friday, Suzi and I accompanied Faith Bible’s junior high retreat to Camp Wi-Ne-Ma. Friday morning, before bright and early, we walked the beach. Another beautiful day on the Oregon coast!