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  • Stuck in Stuff: The 100 Things Challenge

    Dave Bruno is “positively cautious about stuff.” He’s so serious about this that he has issued a personal “100 things challenge” in which he is whittling his personal things down to 100. Oh my! That goes against my packrat nature. How about you?

  • Buy (Less) Crap

    In a parody of Gap’s participation in Bono’s Red campaign, urges you to “Buy (Less). Give More.”

  • Craigslist — What a deal!

    I’m a Craigslist fan. Or should I say, more of a Craigslist fan. Previously, I bought an electric guitar using Craigslist and am looking to sell an amplifier there before too long. But today was too cool. This afternoon, I removed the sliding glass door from the kids’ bathtub. I’m going to replace it with…

  • Hello. My Name Is Brent And I’m A Pack Rat

    My in-laws recently bought 50 acres of bare land near Walla Walla, Washington, and are moving there in a few weeks. Having lived in the same house with a large garage and multiple outbuildings for the past 30 years, they have accumulated a bunch of "stuff." While they get a house onto the land, they will…