Craigslist — What a deal!

I’m a Craigslist fan. Or should I say, more of a Craigslist fan. Previously, I bought an electric guitar using Craigslist and am looking to sell an amplifier there before too long. But today was too cool.

This afternoon, I removed the sliding glass door from the kids’ bathtub. I’m going to replace it with a shower curtain — easier to get through, keep clean, and it won’t hurt while sitting on the edge of the tub to shave legs … although that’s never been a problem for me. :wink:

In the old days (pre-Craigslist), I would have put the door in my garage while I tried to think who would like it. Much later, having failed to think of anyone who wants my junk (and not having paid to place an ad no one would see), I would move the door to the side of the house while I waited for a larger pile to accumulate. Finally, once I had a dump-worthy load, I would borrow my brother-in-law’s pickup to take the pile to the dump, fulfilling my obligation as an American to waste stuff.

Today, thanks to Craigslist, I was green! I took a picture of the door before I removed it and then a picture of the parts after I removed it. I put the pictures on a free-to-me Craigslist ad offering the parts for free to anyone who would come and get them. Within two hours they were gone.

I’m a happy man! :-)

Sliding tub door Update: Would you have wanted this for free?

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