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  • Questions for 1:1s

    What can I be accountable to you for the next time we talk? 101 Questions to Ask in One on Ones In “101 Questions to Ask in One on Ones,” Jason Evanish provides an excellent list of questions to ensure your 1:1s are valuable.

  • 10 questions for a manager to ask

    Brian Carl issues a “call to arms for scheduled reflection” and lists several ideas to make it happen. He also lists some questions to contemplate. What are my employees’ strengths? And how can I give them more projects that align with these strengths? What is my company’s larger mission? What does success look like in…

  • Questions to trigger a conversation

    Most conversations start with a question. Maybe it’s, “How are you?” or “What did you think of the sportsball game?” or, here in the Northwest, “Another wet one, huh?” If you want to learn more about someone, you might ask, “So, what do you do?” Depending on whom you ask, you might get a conversation…

  • How to ask an expert the right questions

    “What questions should I be asking you?”

  • Questions: Worth their weight in gold

    Questions: Worth their weight in gold

    Questions: Worth their weight in gold. This list of questions from Mark Miller is great. I printed it and pinned it to my cube wall. Here’s just one: If we hired outside consultants to help us, what do we think they would do?

  • Honest Questions

    Honest questions are all inquiry and no advocacy. Greg McKeown In my experience, it’s hard to ask honest questions. The Socratic method has been ingrained into me and leading people to the desired conclusion using questions feels normal. But to those facing the questions, I understand this can feel controlling. Posting this quote is my…