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  • Asparagus lemon pasta

    Asparagus lemon pasta

    I love Pastini’s farfalle with lemon asparagus. At least I did until they quit offering it. So I searched for an alternative I could make. I found the Best Asparagus Lemon Pasta recipe at This is my take on the recipe with directions that help me keep everything straight. Sauce Ingredients 3 tablespoons butter…

  • Sunriver Vacation, Day 4

    Sunriver Vacation, Day 4

    Day four of our vacation was thankfully uneventful, at least in comparison. A storm thundered through (though no rain), closing the swimming pool. We retreated to Pastini in Bend to enjoy a wonderful meal. It was a perfect day to take more pictures of clouds. The last three are by Jamison. I like his eye.…