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  • Mark Cuban on Facebook

    Doesn’t FB realize that is far easier for a user to opt-out of a feed by unliking a brand/person/page that has done a poor job of communication than it is to mess with all the account settings or for them to try to tweak their algorithm all the time to try to guess what people…

  • The person I want to be

    I think being the person I want to be includes not blurting out throw away jokes about sexuality, race, ethnicity, size, disability or other things people have no say in about themselves. Mark Cuban

  • One last point, has the irony of 3 of largest comp…

    One last point, has the irony of 3 of largest companies in the country who make their money giving financial and insurance advice to companies and individuals, are facing ruin from the advice they gave themselves? If this isn’t a lesson to every individual who is taking advice from an investment firm, I don’t know…

  • Mark Cuban on Life

    Life has become an open book test. Mark Cuban

  • Burping Queen

    After watching this, I’m reminded of Mark Cuban’s recent blog entry, “You are what your search results return and so are your kids.” Okay, I’m also reminded of my freshman year in Grainger Hall. ;-)