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  • No Cats On Bikes

    At least, not riding backward. Combining a couple of my favorite things with Dave Winer’s #blogpostfriday.Photo attribution: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

  • An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

    As Ashley would say, “Good to know.” Hat tip: Brother Doug.

  • Veggin’

    After a week of showing up with an increasingly sore throat, I’m going on vacation this weekend. We’ll be veggin’, like Nemo in the picture. With luck, we’ll have snow to enjoy. Otherwise, we’ll be able to drive to Crater Lake and catch some sights. Have a great weekend! Update: Corrected a redundancy. It was…

  • Saving Nemo

    Yesterday, my calico cat, Nemo, had a 9-cm chunk of fur and skin bitten from her right, rear flank. The muscle layer was showing through the wound. After a close shave (in more ways than one), several hours in the after-hours vet clinic, and 13 staples, she appears to be well on her way to…