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  • Three dogs on a walk

    Three dogs on a walk

    Melissa recently bought a dual leash so one of us could take both Oakley and Gilligan on a walk. We have been amazed at how well it works.

    Now, because reasons, we have all three granddogs at our house for a short time. I decided to try taking all three dogs on a walk by myself.

    For the last couple of days, I’ve had great success.1I even have a hand free to take a picture or pick up messes. I don’t know whether passers-by are thinking, “I didn’t know we had a dog-walking service in our neighborhood,” “I guess that’s better than being a greeter at Walmart,” or “What a lucky guy to have three beautiful, well-behaved doggies.”

    I’m going with that last one.

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      I even have a hand free to take a picture or pick up messes.
  • Thanksgiving

    Being an even-numbered year, this Thanksgiving weekend was supposed to be a Logan family reunion, when we gather together and play games, make puzzles, and go on hikes. We share delicious food and our lives. We talk about what’s happened over the past two years and make predictions for the next couple.

    This year, we didn’t meet. And none of us had 2020 in our predictions.

    Instead, we stayed with our individual families, still thankful for those in our lives and the good that has happened.

    • My family. You’re the best!
    • My friends. As one said this morning, “You kept me sane this year.” Likewise.
    • Health. It’s been “interesting” but as brother Bob says, “Every day above ground is a good day.” My condolences to those who have lost someone dear.
    • Modern medicine. Had we lived at any time much earlier than now… ’nuff said. And that goes for more than just this year.
    • Pets. Ours are amateur therapy animals. I love a dog or cat flopped hard against me. And the grins that come from both ends of the leash make it easy to ignore the weather.
    • Social media. I’ve enjoyed looking at what my friends and family have posted today. It’s not the same as being there, or even being on the phone/Zoom, but it’s nice.
    • The internet and music. Without these, I don’t think surviving 2020 would have been possible.
    • Voters. I’m thankful for all 154,000,000 or so that participated in our great experiment. I’m hopeful for the coming years. Let’s work together.

    This is just a partial list, both in (1) who and what is included and (2) why.

    Have you considered why you could be thankful?

  • Dog names — We’re taking suggestions

    The problem with kids growing up is that they move out–and they take their dogs with them!

    We went from everyone living at home last summer to being empty nesters, losing two wonderful labs in the process. Now seems like the perfect time to consider getting a dog of our own.1No, we’re not thinking about having more kids, too! ;-) Because the dogs that left were chocolate and yellow labs, it feels right to get a black lab to complete the set.

    Names we’re2Okay, these are names I’m currently considering. Suzi’s probably wondering why I want to go through the puppy stage again. currently considering are:

    • Shadow
    • Pepper
    • Darth

    Do you have any suggestions for us?

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      No, we’re not thinking about having more kids, too! ;-)
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      Okay, these are names I’m currently considering. Suzi’s probably wondering why I want to go through the puppy stage again.
  • Can we all get along?

    Can we all get along?

    With apologies to Rodney King, can we all just get along?

  • Losing Nemo

    We haven’t seen her since last Thursday and although we still hope she’ll come home, we know the chances of that are fairly slim.

    Nemo has been a good member of the family for the past five years or so. She would run to meet us as we drove into the driveway. She loved to bat at falling water droplets in the tub after the faucet was turned off, licking her paws. She always knew which bed she could hide on and would go there to nap.

    Nemo was a good mouser. She regularly provided us with “presents” in shoes left on the front porch.

    Nemo loved to follow us to the mailbox down the street and would follow us on longer walks if we let her. Pick Nemo up and she would purr. Open a can of cat food and she’d come running.

    We’ll always have many happy memories of Nemo.

    We miss you, Nemo.

  • Welcome home, Neptune

    Jamison has a new pet, or should I say, we have a new family member. After supper I took Jamison to the pet store where we adopted Neptune, a long-haired hamster. Jamison has been wanting a hamster for a while. Today he set up the cage with bedding, food and water, hoping that we would agree.

    Now that Neptune is home, it’s time to have some fun. This looks like a good start. Stay tuned…

  • Saving Nemo

    Yesterday, my calico cat, Nemo, had a 9-cm chunk of fur and skin bitten from her right, rear flank. The muscle layer was showing through the wound. After a close shave (in more ways than one), several hours in the after-hours vet clinic, and 13 staples, she appears to be well on her way to mending.

    Nemo has pain meds and antibiotics to help her feel better and get better. She is also wearing a clear, conical “e-collar” to keep her from licking the stapled wound with her sandpaper tongue, potentially injuring both her tongue and wound. Unfortunately, she can neither eat nor drink while wearing the e-collar; the cone extends too far beyond the tip of her nose. So, for the last 24 hours, I have periodically removed the e-collar and watched her while she eats and drinks. Then the collar goes back on. I also get to give her a warm compress to keep the drain from clogging. So far, she’s let me hold a warm washcloth to her side while she eats. I wonder how many more days she’ll let me do that.

    According to the discharge instructions, Nemo should be feeling pretty good in a couple of weeks. Until then, I’m going to be spending a lot of time with her.

    The things we do for our pets…



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