Remembering mom, two years on

Two years ago, I lost my mom.

In our family room hangs her oil painting of me in the redwoods when I was a child. On our kitchen drainboard sit the orchids I got after going to an orchid show with her and dad. Outside our kitchen window, the muted chimes resemble those in the gentle tree guarding where she rests. And the moon watches over all.

They all remind me of mom.

Yet, it’s not just things that do.

When I iron a shirt, when I cook a favorite recipe, when I mop the floor and make my bed.

She taught me how to do all these; they remind me of mom.

But it’s not just housework.

When I send a card, when I take the time to help, when I volunteer, when I say a kind word, when I’m at my very best.

That’s my mom. That’s who I remember.

And I’m thankful.

6 responses to “Remembering mom, two years on”

  1. Shirley Ann Goerlitz Avatar
    Shirley Ann Goerlitz

    Lovely tribute, Brent.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks! It hardly does her justice. But it makes me smile as I remember her.

  3. Karen Lawson Avatar
    Karen Lawson

    Very nice tribute to your Mom

  4. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks – she’s pretty special. :-)

  5. Denver Drieberg Avatar
    Denver Drieberg

    Brent…lovely thoughts about your Mum. Thanks for sharing them. I wish I could have met you Mum and Dad…I can see the great effect they have had on each of you. All the Logan’s that I know are great men who raise good families.

    It’s hard losing a Mum…as she means so much to each one of us. It’s coming up on two years for me, and hardly a day goes by without me thinking of her.

    God bless you.

  6. Brent Logan Avatar

    Denver, thanks for your kind words, and condolences to you.