After going to an orchid show in Sacramento a couple of years ago, I’ve developed a soft spot for orchids. We have more than a few plants on our kitchen drainboard. I think maybe five of them are orchids.

Inspired by the orchid show, I repotted a few of them and “rescued”1Okay, it was half price at the end of the season, but it was one step away from the dust bin. another from a local big box home supplies store. Now, two are reblooming2Including the rescue. with another on the way.

If only I could make the Christmas cactus happy, too. I wonder, if I spent even a portion of the time I did learning about orchids, I bet I could.

Do you have a favorite house plant?

By Brent Logan

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  1. Thanks! I moved the orchids into a room where we just cleaned the carpets so it was empty. I tried shots with backlight, sidelight, and no direct light. I think I ended up including one of each in the gallery above.

    Orchids are a great subject because they tend to cantilever over nothing, making for fun compositions.

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