Backyard Campout

Jamison decided a backyard campout would be fun. He went with the “full meal deal,” including a fire in the fire pit, s’mores, and a sleepover in the tent.

Meisa made sure all wild animals were kept at bay.

I even remembered to turn off the automatic sprinklers. That would have been a little too exciting at 6:00 in the morning. :-D

2 responses to “Backyard Campout”

  1. Shirley Ann Goerlitz Avatar
    Shirley Ann Goerlitz

    Lovely…summer/kids/camping all go together so well.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Yes, they do. Jamison burned the Christmas tree last night in the fire pit. We’d already cut it into logs. Wow, talk about smokey!

    I think I’ll have to join them next time. Though the frogs keep me awake late and bird wake me up early. Life is so tough… :-D