It’s Friday!

Here are a few random updates. Ignore or enjoy!

  • I rode my bike to work again today. That makes four times this week (I missed Monday because I couldn’t find the key to my bike lock; solved that by buying a combination bike lock). Even with biking to work, it’s amazing how much other driving I do. I’m working on decreasing that, too.
  • The weather is beautiful!
  • Melissa leaves this afternoon for Chicago and then in a week for Nepal. I’m going to miss her. I’m used to having Ashley out of the house after a year in college (though we saw her at least once a month) and then her year in the Dominican Republic, but Melissa and her love for yellow have been a constant part of my life. The next 6 weeks will be rough…
  • Note to self: remove a container’s lid before attempting to dispense liquid into said container.
  • Did I mention the weather is beautiful?