nearly back to normal

I have looking pretty much the way I want it to. I have the recent posts and recent comments showing on the sidebar again. They no longer have a portion of the post or quote showing anymore. I think I liked it the old way better, but am not sure how to get it to look that way with the updated plugins.

I have the counters working again. Once again, I’ll be able to count the few of you who visit my site.

Unfortunely for those of you who have been coming to my site to see a working demonstration of random header pictures, I got bored with it and removed the feature. Maybe I’ll add it back later.

I also changed the appearance of the site, using the fOrange site as documented at the very bottom of the page. It was time for a change. I might change it again real soon. Adding the recent comments and posts and the counters is quite easy.

I like the new WordPress 2.0 administration screens. It looks as easy to use as blogspot with WYSIWYG editing, but with a lot more capabilities.

Whether this will translate into increased posting is unknown.

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