My Blog Was Down

My blog was down last night. All I’d get was an error message about my SQL database and a config file. I haven’t heard from my web host yet, so I don’t know their explanation, but from reading the WordPress support forum, it appears that SQL servers can go down once in a while.

Sorry to my faithful readers, all three of you. :-)

Update: There is no update. Even though I submitted a help ticket to my web hosting service, I haven’t heard back. In their defense, I wonder if they received it. (Maybe the SQL server stores them…)

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3 responses to “My Blog Was Down”

  1. Folsom Darth Avatar
    Folsom Darth

    While you were gone, something was missing from my life . . . .

  2. blogan Avatar

    It was nice, wasn’t it?

  3. ml Avatar

    I tried like three times. I could not understand…….