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  • From My Inbox

    hey sir.!!im really glad to see u in ur forum nd im doin btech 2nd year frm india..!!frm childhood im very interested in these microcontrollers play..!!!!frm ur forum im starting dis(wireless transmission of electricity) project nd i gt all d components with me nd i wnt to make theory work as first…!!!so please kindly send…

  • Science-O-Rama!


    Tonight Jamison went to district Science-O-Rama with his Wireless Power Transfer engineering project. Jamison and two of his friends put their boards in a row and enjoyed the experience together. Kudos to Synopsys for sponsoring this event. But wait — there’s more See all posts on Jamison’s Wireless Power Transmission project.

  • Wireless Power Transmission, Part VI

    Wireless Power Transmission, Part VI

    Jamison defended his engineering project earlier today. The science fair was this evening. OMSI came to the science fair and demonstrated Sir Isaac Newton’s laws. Update: I am holding in my hand a piece of paper that says: This certificate is awarded to Jamison Logan You have been chosen to represent Jackson Elementary at the…

  • Wireless Power Transmission, Part V

    Wireless Power Transmission, Part V

    Sunday was a big day! Jamison and I started with another trip to Fry’s. We needed more magnet wire, a better power supply to clean up the noise we saw on the cheap one we already had, and some perfboard. On the way home, we stopped by Home Depot for 6″ pipe and Fred Meyer’s…

  • Wireless Power Transmission, Part IV

    Wireless Power Transmission, Part IV

    A couple of weeks ago, we last documented Jamison’s progress on his engineering project. Much has happened since then. Decide on prototype We thought we’d decided what project to build (I thought we were building Wireless Electricity), but Jamison changed his mind. After further research, he decided to build the Low-Power Wireless Charging he’d found…

  • Wireless Power Transmission, Part III

    Wireless Power Transmission, Part III

    Today’s going to be a great day. We’re making progress on the project.1 Our plan: Print prior art and put in a binder Review prior art Decide on prototype Buy materials for prototype Build prototype Smoke test prototype Experiment with prototype Print prior art and put in a binder We printed all the material we…

  • Wireless Power Transmission, Part II

    Jamison and I are continuing with phase II of his Wireless Power Transmission project: Research how others have solved the problem. Instructables continues to be a great resource. At least, we hope so. We haven’t tried building anything quite yet. That will change soon. Here’s a few more links: Instructables: Low Power Wireless Charging Instructables:…

  • Wireless Power Transmission, Part I

    Jamison and I are starting an engineering project for his school’s science and engineering fair. This is the second year his school’s fair accepts engineering projects. Instead of doing a science experiment using the scientific method, we get to engineer: Identify a problem Research how others have solved it Develop our own solution Refine our…

  • The Logan B&B

    The Logan bed and breakfast now has high-speed Internet with wireless. Life is good!