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  • Why does Obamacare have an individual mandate?

    Justice Ginsburg’s concurring opinion in the Obamacare Supreme Court decision has a good summary of why Obamacare has an individual mandate. Congress knew that encouraging individuals to purchase insurance would not suffice to solve the problem, because most of the uninsured are not uninsured by choice. Of particular concern to Congress were people who, though…

  • Obamacare Summary

    I just finished reading the Obamacare Supreme Court opinion. Unfortunately, I’m still confused about how the decision should have gone down. The dissent does have a good summary of how the law was intended to work. The whole design of the Act is to balance the costs and benefits affecting each set of regulated parties.…

  • Obamacare Supreme Court Decision

    Full text of the Obamacare Supreme Court decision [pdf]. Will you read it before ranting and/or raving? I just uploaded it to my Nook to read on the plane flight home.