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  • Gladius “Style”

    Gladius “Style”

    Suzuki’s Gladiusstyle.com is dedicated to the new-for-2009 Gladius motorcycle. Although the Gladius appears based on the engine used in Suzuki’s widely-acclaimed SV650/SV650S series, I must assume Suzuki wants to appeal to a different demographic.

    The Suzuki Gladius provides a new definition of aggressive sport bike styling. With a trellis frame openly highlighting its chassis design, stylish five-spoke cast aluminum-alloy wheels and a bold, upswept exhaust system, the Gladius promises exciting performance. The proven 650 V-twin engine provides the power you crave. (Source.)

    What is that around the model’s neck? An 80’s knit tie? A skinny scarf? A noose?

    The site’s too extensive to be an April Fool’s joke, right? Ha! Ha! :-D



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