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  • Sunriver Family Vacation 2013

    Sunriver Family Vacation 2013

    We spent another week-long vacation at Sunriver this summer.

    While we were there, we enjoyed the 4th Annual Sunriver Art Faire. Some of the artists included (the ones I liked especially):

    • Steven Provence Pottery. I bought one of his vases a couple of years ago as a Sunriver souvenir.
    • Janet Biles. We loved her watercolors and couldn’t leave without a few.
    • Blue Spruce Pottery. I got this year’s souvenir here — a cool pot to plant in.
    • Cameron Kaseberg. Cool art is done using a “solvent transfer” technique. Fun details in each work.
    • Boise Art Glass. Some really cool glass balls that looked “longer” than they are.
    • Elemental Images. Some nice photographic details of leaves printed on an aluminum substrate that make it look like glass. Really cool!

    We also watched Annie Bany sing while the hail fell and we hid under the trees. We bought her CD and had her sign it so we’ll be able to say, “We heard her in Sunriver before she was famous.” :-)

    Like last year, we set a goal of riding 100 miles over the week. Unlike last year, we blew that goal away. Here are my miles:

    DayDay’s MilesCumulative Miles

    We all had a relaxing time. We’re looking forward to our next visit.

  • Sunriver Vacation, Day 5

    Sunriver Vacation, Day 5

    Today, we played putt-putt golf and bumper cars. We didn’t keep score for either activity, just had fun.

    Then we went to the pool, a first for this vacation with mom and Melissa (with yesterday getting thundered out). My sore wrist from yesterday’s activities (either starting on the slide or signing my name) was much better.

    We celebrated Heather’s birthday (again, or maybe still) at Olive Garden in Bend.



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