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  • #allhoppedup Fourth Fireworks

    #allhoppedup Fourth Fireworks

    A few years ago, Suzi and I went to the Hillsboro Hops game on the Fourth of July and watched the fireworks afterward. This year, we decided to do the same thing, but with even more family.

    We were a little farther from the baseball action this year, actually beyond the outfield instead of along the third-base line. That resulted in being even closer to the fireworks. It seemed like they were directly overhead.

    I was back to having only my cell phone to take pictures. It’s not what you want for fireworks, but they remind me of the fun we had, so mission accomplished.

    What a great time!

  • #HoppyFourth


    To continue our celebration of the Fourth, we went to a Hillsboro Hops game, followed by fireworks. In contrast to last week’s game, we were on the opposite side of the field. But this had us closer to the fireworks!1It also had us looking into the setting sun — but that was a good excuse to buy a Hops hat.

    All I had was my cell phone, so the pictures are more snapshotty,2My calling card… ;-) but they help me remember the good times. BOOM!

    I hope you had a memorable Fourth, too!

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      It also had us looking into the setting sun — but that was a good excuse to buy a Hops hat.
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      My calling card… ;-)
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    We went to Banks to see fireworks this Fourth of July. It’s close, parking at the school is easy, and it’s not crowded.

    We ran into friends Rodney and Brenda and a new friend Laia.

    I brought my camera but no tripod. I also brought only a 28-105mm zoom for my Canon Rebel XT. It was a little too long for how close we were. Oh well. A tripod, or at least a monopod, would have decreased the vibration.

    Or maybe I just planned the vibration for artistic effect. Yeah, that’s the ticket. ;-)



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