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  • Sunriver Vacation, Day 7

    Sunriver Vacation, Day 7

    Today our agenda was simple: go on a bike ride with Melissa. So we did.

    We rode by the Meadows golf course and then both river loops to the footbridge, crossed it, and sat by the river. Back across the river, on the bank under the bridge were some kids singing and enjoying the reverberations. They had a net and were hunting something in the water.

    When we yelled, “Hey a crawdad!” they told us to wait. They ran across the bridge with their net and caught it just like that. When asked, they said they were going to eat it. Now they had three. Ha!

    We rode back to the lodge and then the village and ate lunch at the Mexican joint. Yummy!

    Although it was late afternoon, we decided a swim was in order. It was plenty warm and later in the day means less burning sun.

    In the evening, we went to a magic show by G.G. Green. It was a lot of fun and family-friendly. Jamison got to help with a couple of tricks. And I put G.G. in a straitjacket. I suspect we’re going to see renewed interest in magic at the Logan household.

    Our vacation is almost over. The girls are off to the village to enjoy their last night in Sunriver. Tomorrow we’ll get in one last bike ride to hit our mileage goals. Maybe we’ll take another trip to Goody’s to cap off our vacation. Mmm… :-)



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