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  • Meyers Motors NmG


    “Size matters not, … Look at me. Judge me by size, do you?”


    The all-electric Meyers Motors NmG (“no more gas”) looks fun to drive. Although I could use the NmG for many of my car trips, it has a few issues:

    • A 30-mile range is too short. That barely gets me from Hillsboro to Portland and back. Or does it? Will going up and down Sylvan Hill (once each way) decrease the range? Will the batteries degrade with age? What if I get lost navigating the one-way streets?
    • Having room only for the driver makes the NmG (“no more girlfriend?”) less sociable than a motorcycle. Even VW’s 1L will have room for two. Meyers Motors will be unveiling a two-passenger version in 19 days. Maybe it will be an update of Corbin Motors’ Merlin.
    • The $30,000 price is too much. I don’t care that other all-electric cars cost more. With all its limitations, the NmG couldn’t be my primary car. It must compete with a motorcycle, a cargo bicycle, or even walking, for my non-essential transportation dollar. Let’s be real — at that price, the NmG competes (and loses?) with the Prius which has room for five, much greater range, and could be my primary car.

    Sorry Meyers Motors, but at $30K, the NmG (“not my go-kart”) has to be more than fun to drive.

  • No Cats On Bikes

    No Cats On Bikes

    At least, not riding backward.

    Combining a couple of my favorite things with Dave Winer’s #blogpostfriday.
    Photo attribution: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cybercatstar/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0



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