A Wet Christmas Tree

We seem to be busier this year than most. Because it is the Logan family reunion year, we weren’t able to cut the tree during Melissa’s Thanksgiving break. So there were fewer of us.

We’ve cut our Christmas tree down under blue skies, gray skies, and snowy skies. Today, we enjoyed wet skies.

Having cut a wide tree last year, we set out to find a narrower, lighter tree. We visited the same tree farm as the last couple of years. This year, they offered to cut the tree and carry it to the car. Having remembered to bring a plastic bag to kneel on and borrowing one of their recently-sharpened saws, I cut the tree. We did let them schlep the cut tree to the car, hoist it up, and tie it down. Nice!

We brought the tree home, washed it down, shook it off, and put it up.

Now, it’s time to decorate the tree.

Photo credits: All the pictures came from Ashley’s camera. Suzi took the picture that includes Ashley. Ashley took the others.