Snow Dusting

Biking in the cold is a challenge.

I’ve figured out how to stay warm. I wear my rain suit over my street clothes, a beanie under my helmet, waterproof, full-fingered gloves, and clear protective glasses. I’m plenty warm.

That’s the problem. By the time I get to work, I’m too warm. I’m experimenting with unzipping my jacket and riding slower, but I still have work to do.

One unexpected discovery: it’s easier to maintain cooler temperatures in the rain — the cool rain on my suit and face cools me quite nicely.

If you’re biking this time of year, how do you regulate your temperature throughout the ride?

6 responses to “Snow Dusting”

  1. Sherilee Avatar

    How about just skipping the beanie? Head warmth seems to translate to body warmth, for me.

    At least you’re not foolish (like me)… March 1 does not necessarily mean footless tights and flats are appropriate… Looking forward to getting home and putting on socks!

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Sherilee, removing my beanie’s not a bad idea; it would certainly dump a lot of heat. I didn’t know how good my helmet’s ventilation was until I used it in cold weather.

    This morning was a cold 32°F. When I left the house, I was wishing I had a balaclava. I should get a thin one I could wear multiple ways, exposing more and more, as I get warmer.

    You’re not the only one who thought March 1 meant spring. Just before I took the photo above, a guy on a bike going the other direction was wearing shorts (and not biking shorts) with a coat. He had to be freezing!

  3. Sherwin Avatar

    You are sure committed! Keep it up.

  4. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks! I’m enjoying the ride. :-)