Mission Trip Fundraising Letters

Dear _______,

I never write you letters.

That’s a weird way to open a mission trip letter. My youth minister/pastor gave me a form letter to follow but that felt even weirder. The truth is that I don’t write anyone letters and if I opened up this letter by pretending this is just the latest in a long chain of correspondence we’ve kept up oh these many years, that would feel as fake as when people run out of things to say and ask you questions like, “hot enough for you?” Wow, that was a really atrocious run on sentence, but I’m excited about this trip and I’m not going to let sentence structure stand in my way.

Stuff Christians Like: #256

If you’re family or a friend, you’re likely getting a mission fundraising letter from one of my daughters right about now. That’s because two of them are going on extended mission trips this summer.

What you’re not getting is one that start like the letter above. Maybe you should… ;)

Stuff Christians Like describes the typical mission trip fundraising letter and offers an alternative, maybe one that could be more effective. Go read the whole letter and let me know — would it work for you?