Nordstrom: No More Pianists

Nordstrom will no longer have live piano music in its stores, claiming its customers “compliment canned music more often than live musicians.”

Ignoring for the moment Nordstrom’s laughable excuse for wanting to save money, this is sad news. My children take piano lessons. Their piano highlight of the year is to play at Nordstrom during the Christmas season. It seems to be a hit with the shoppers, too, as quite a few would walk over and visit with my children between songs.

Maybe Nordstrom will keep the Christmas student pianist tradition. As the article says, “stores may bring back live music for special occasions.” Plus, Nordstrom doesn’t pay the students.

Next time I’m at the mall I’m going to take a quick trip by Nordstrom’s customer service desk. I can only imagine the line of shoppers that will be waiting there to compliment the canned music.