Brutal Blog Readers

Catch My Attention. I read a bunch of blogs. So many that I don’t really read them — I skim them in my RSS reader. If something about your post catches my eye (the title, a graphic, bolded headings) I might actually read it. Provide only partial feeds and I’m likely to pass on by. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. Give me a reason to read your post or I won’t.

Don’t Disappoint Me. Sometimes, it would be better if I don’t read your post. Because I continue to add new blogs to my reader, I’m always looking for an excuse to dump a feed. Disappoint me too many times (or once really bad) and that post may be the last I read.

Give Me a Say. Invite my comments and make it easy. (Those of you with captcha; I’m talking to you. Find another way to prevent spam.) Send me updates when someone else comments and I’ll keep coming back.

What Say You? Are you a brutal reader? What makes you read a post? What makes you never come back?

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