Ebay Auction: Pokemon Cards

Art is a good friend who forwards interesting tidbits. This one is too good not to pass on:

Dear Brent and Suzie;

Well, maybe you don’t have 6 children to take to the grocery store… but I still think you will enjoy reading this ebay auction story <grin>. I printed this out and read it to the family at supper time, to much laughter. Saith Ronda; “I NEVER take six children to the grocery store!”


I have already forwarded it to Suzi’s parents (who did take six kids to the grocery store). Suzi and I have “only” four kids, but Dawn’s story rings painfully true. We would read The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies as part of our pre-shopping lecture.

Better yet, Dawn has much more on her blog. She describes herself:

I’m a stay-at-home mom of six kids – 12 year old Aj, 11 year old Nana, 9 year old Boo, 6 year old Princess, 3 year old Spaz, and 1 year old Baby. I have 14 brain cells left. ‘Nuf said.

Ha ha! Thanks, Art, for the laugh!

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