Army Strong without milblogs?

Sometimes, I think the Army gets it. One example is their new ad campaign, “Army Strong.” This is an ad that must have been created for new media. (The Army’s not going to buy time on TV to run a 2:34 minute ad.) YouTube is hosting it for free.

The military is attempting to shut down milbloggers in the interest of operational security. Yes, I understand that the Army must watch to ensure sensitive information is not disclosed. Yet, I can’t imagine why the would want to shut down what is becoming the primary source of positive news on the war. After all, the War on Terror has transitioned from a military battle to a media battle. Let’s not abandon that battlefield.

One response to “Army Strong without milblogs?”

  1. SGT White Avatar
    SGT White

    I absolutely agree. Most military bloggers love writing about the positve impact that they are having on their surrounding village/town/city where they are deployed. They get sick of hearing all of the negative on TV. But I understand why they have to monitor blogs from war zones. Soldiers are giving too much away to our enemy who is no less ‘internet-capable’ than us.