More Observations Made While Bicycling

Bike Ride

It’s weekend, so time for another, longer ride and more observations.

  • What feels like a strong headwind might just be a cross breeze (as verified by a plastic flag on a survey stake). It’s going to feel just as stiff going the other direction.
  • Bicycling downwind doesn’t feel any better if you’re putting the same effort in; you’re just going faster. I was just glad I wasn’t running downwind–you don’t go faster; you just lose any windchill.
  • Being hit by a Super Soaker while riding my bike incites a juvenile response from me, even though the water felt good. How embarrassing.
  • My odometer thinks I’ve gone 71,198 miles, total. I’m pretty sure I haven’t ridden my bike that far.

Ride summary:

Actual Time Moving1:41:02
Average Speed14.7
Maximum Speed29.7
Liquid ConsumedVenti ice water
Venti iced passion tea, including all the ice
Large water bottle

By Brent Logan

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