Sunriver Christmas Vacation

Treats at Goody's

On the way home from California, we stopped for a few days at Sunriver. We stayed in our favorite little Sunriver cabin1Is it selfish to want to keep this to myself? Yeah, probably… We’ve told others; we can tell you. — no fancy hot tub, no big flat-panel TV, just a fun place to hang out as a family, eating, playing games, doing puzzles — spending time together.

We went to the Sunriver lodge for a (short) sleigh ride and to see the gingerbread houses, visited Goody’s multiple times for all sorts of treats, and cross-country skied on the Woodlands golf course. We stayed up late to watch the lunar eclipse, made hot chocolate, and worked (and worked, and worked) on the hardest puzzle we’ve ever done.

So much fun in so short a time. :-)

By Brent Logan

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