Twitter Landing Page

Who I Am

On Twitter,1 I’m?@blogan; my birth certificate says Brent Logan. Here’s my standard About page.2

Who(m) I Follow

  • People I know in real life
  • People who create or support services or products I use
  • Otherwise interesting people

Why I Tweet

My Twitter goals are pretty simple: connect with people and have fun.

What I Tweet

I still tweet “old school.” That is, a lot my tweets answer the question, “What are you doing?”What’s happening?” (I wish Twitter would go to the logical conclusion and shorten their question to “‘Zup?”) I also tweet links on topics I consider interesting:

  • Leadership/Management
  • WordPress
  • Photography
  • Bicycling
  • Hillsboro/Portland/NW stuff
  • Electronic freedom
  • Digital citizenship

I try to keep things positive rather than snarky. I don’t always succeed, but I try. I made some social media new year’s resolutions for 2010 that I still try to follow.

  1. And some other social media sites. â†©
  2. I learned about Twitter landing pages from Charlene Kingston. â†©


Very nice Twitter landing page, Brent.

And I didn’t invent Twitter landing pages. I saw the brilliance of the idea when someone else created one, and I’ve been sharing the idea ever since.