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  • I’m trying out the P2 WordPress theme

    I’m trying out the WordPress theme P2. I really like it. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t show post titles. Disconcerting, at least when the humor of the previous three posts depending on their titles being shown… Oops!

  • 48 unique ways to use WordPress

    48 unique ways to use WordPress. Uninspired? Go see 48 unique ways to use WordPress. Let the inspiration begin! Hat tip: Kinchie.

  • WordPress 2.7 User Interface

    The user interface for WordPress 2.7 continues to change. The latest beta (alpha?), for those willing to live on the bleeding edge, is named 2.7-hemorrhage. Newest feature: the sidebar menu collapses yet retains full functionality. Click the pictures for more descriptions.

  • Starting a Blog — Multimedia Content Plugins

    I use a couple of WordPress plugins to assist in displaying multimedia content on Impolite Company and Audio player. Audio player creates an inline player for mp3 files. Using it is simple: [audio:hillarylaugh.mp3] [audio:] The filename after “audio:” is either in a defined directory on your web host or can be an absolute web […]

  • Starting a Blog — Choosing a WordPress Theme

    A WordPress blog is easily customized with themes. A theme affects more than the appearance or style of the blog; it also defines what information is displayed and where. In fact, once you choose a theme, you can change its appearance by editing its CSS files or using a child theme. I chose the K2 […]

  • Starting a Blog — Choosing a Platform

    There have never been so many good options for the prospective blogger. As a practical matter, I think it’s hard to go very wrong. There are self-hosted platforms like WordPress and Hibari. Although the software is free, you’ll need a web host on which you can install the software and manage a database. This is […]

  • Impolite Company Is Alive

    My political blog, Impolite Company, is open for business. There’s not much there yet, but that soon will change. It’s been a while since I started a new WordPress blog. There’s a big difference between starting a basic blog and one that has those features and capabilities I consider necessary. Domain names, styles, comments, and […]

  • The Political Blog

    Recently, I committed to quit writing about partisan politics on I must admit, I’m not sure how successful I’ve been. First a couple of points, and then my solution. I used to excuse writing about politics because I thought “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” You read my blog […]

  • You are using a development version (2.7-hemorrhag…

    You are using a development version (2.7-hemorrhage). The latest SVN version of WordPress now incorporates the admin user interface developed in its Crazyhorse branch. Looks like the WordPress gang changed the version from 2.7-bleeding to 2.7-hemorrhage in the process. Very nice!