Biking Recap for December 2013

December had some unseasonably cold temperatures. But there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.

My December Bicycling Accomplishments

My 2013 Bicycling Accomplishments

  • I biked 2,162 miles this year!
  • My family gave me a new bike for Father’s day — thank you, family! (I’m not sure how that’s an accomplishment for me, but it’s certainly a major bicycling event.)
  • We planned a vacation around bicyling (I think my family knew…), resulting in my biking 50 miles in a day, 200 miles in a week and 405 miles that month.
  • I lost 20 pounds. Pretty much without trying.2Well, other than biking more than 2,162 miles ;-) Woo hoo!

Mileage Summary

DistanceTime / Bike
184 milesBiked in December 201331,922 – 1,738
2,162 milesBiked in 201341,922 + 240
1,997 milesBiked on Sage51,922 + 75

How was your 2013 on the bike? I’m looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings.

Keep pedaling!

Biking in the New Year

The New Year is here with beautiful weather: sunny and 50+. To celebrate, I rode my bike to Starbucks with my new Nook in my pocket. Woo hoo! A whole 4.07 miles on the bike on January 1. ;-)

Because I know I’ll want to know what my bike odometer read at the beginning of the year, here it is: 71,758.1Yeah, I don’t know how the reading got that high. I’m absolutely positive I haven’t ridden my bike that far. I blame a cosmic ray, a glitch, or something. That means I rode 560 miles since July 23, 2011. This year, I expect to ride even more miles.

Mid-October Lunchtime Walk, Part II

Hillsboro is back to October weather: instead of yesterday’s blue skies and 73°, today is overcast and might reach 62°. In other words, it’s beautiful!

After all, “There’s no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothes.”1Thanks, @MaryRarick!

So, like yesterday, I grabbed my camera and set out on a walk. I had hoped the soft light would yield better pictures than yesterday’s, but my cheap point and shoot camera didn’t know which leaf to keep in focus.2Or maybe, it’s the operator. Nah… ;-) Oh well. The colors are gorgeous.3A little vector magic and the focus doesn’t matter. ;-) Click the picture for colorful goodness.

How is your October?