Biking First Third of 2012 Recap

Twenty twelve is one-third gone and my bike’s odometer reads 71,947,1 or 189 miles since January 1. That’s not a huge distance, but probably about 189 miles more miles on the bike than last year at this time.2

Time for another picture from my “photo spot.”3

1I have no idea how that number got so large….
2Though, to be fair, last year I worked close enough to home that I was walking, not riding.
3HDR processing done online by YoHDR!

Intel Hawthorn Farm Walking Routes

I’m moving Intel campuses1 later this week — from Jones Farm to Hawthorn Farm. The Jones Farm campus is great for walking. It’s time for a quick visit to Google maps to see what Hawthorn Farm has to offer. I see what might be nice 1.2 and 1.5 mile walks.2 :-)

I wonder what walking is available indoors at Hawthorn Farm other than the treadmills in the exercise center.

  1. “Campi”? Nope, that would be sometimes frowned upon. :-( 
  2. Okay, the southern leg of the 1.2 mile route doesn’t look quite as nice. At least, not from the satellite.