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  • A trip to the tulip farm

    A trip to the tulip farm

    Last weekend, we wanted to visit the tulip farm, but even after 2020, we didn’t realize that we’d need reservations. Oops! At least we didn’t drive all the way before discovering that. Melissa jumped online and made reservations for yesterday afternoon as a do over. After many days of beautiful, sunny weather, yesterday had more…

  • More tulips

    More tulips

    Here are a few more pictures from yesterday’s trip to the tulip farm.

  • Tulip Sunday

    Tulip Sunday

    Today, the whole family visited the Wooden Shoe tulip farm — another great excuse to break out the camera.

  • Easter at the Tulip Farm

    Easter at the Tulip Farm

    We celebrated Easter by going to the tulip farm. Maybe a little early in the year, but there were some beautiful blooms and Heather found another English mastiff puppy to love. We went to the tulip farm last year, too, though it was later in April.

  • Tulip Fest

    Tulip Fest

    This afternoon we visited the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm’s tulip fest.