Flat Tired

On my ride1You drive a car and a journey by car is a drive. You ride a bike and a journey by bike is a ride. You fly a plane, yet a journey by plane is a flight, not a fly. Why? home today, my tire got screwed.2I’m not suspicious it was malicious or vicious. It was likely merely pernicious.

With less than a mile to go, I decided to walk3See footnote 1, above. ;-) instead of patching the tube. I should be carrying a spare tube in my pannier and a “boot” in my wallet.

Once I unscrew my tire, I can decide whether I need a new tire. The tires are old and I removed a nail from the rear tire not that long ago. It’s probably time to replace both and not worry about it.

Just what I need: another excuse to visit my local bike shop. :-)

Sometimes, I think a blog post is only an excuse to write footnotes.

Making a Triode Tube by Hand

The following video shows a triode tube (“valve” for those across the pond) being made by hand. Incredible.

Update: YouTube has quite a few videos on tube making. The following video is not as artistic as the one by F2FO, but explains the process.

The following link is to an old film from the Philips – Mullard tube factory:

Hat tip: sewatt.com (registration required).