TSA’s Prohibited Item(s)

Imagine you have the following items in your possession. Which one(s) do you think the SMF TSA will not allow in your carry-on bag?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to rely on TSA’s list of Prohibited Items list1Or common sense… to get this right.2Nor will you be able to see it on their official complete list of prohibited items, not even just the item(s). Their suggestion? Call the airport and ask if something is prohibited. Go ahead. List everything in your bag, because you won’t be able to guess.

Update: Let me give the answer. The TSA allows all of the items shown above in carry-on baggage except one: the screwdriver with bits.

End of rant. :-/

Quote of the Day — Fred, the TSA Employee

If you have any questions about what’s allowed and what’s not, I can tell you. I can even tell you why the rules exist. You can raise your hand or yell, ‘Hey, Fred!’

Fred, the TSA Employee at PDX

Normally, the security lines at PDX are brutal. They’re not particularly long; the pain is caused by TSA agents yelling at the waiting travelers to get their tickets out of their jackets and get their IDs out.

Today was different. Another TSA agent not assigned to check IDs was roaming through the lines, offering assistance on the process and a little humor, referring to the X-ray and metal detector area as “stressville” and his domain as “the relaxing area.”

It was a nice change.