Fall tree

Yeah, I’ve posted a pile of pictures of fall leaves this year. Going through my pictures earlier this evening, I found this one that I took later in the day last week.

The tree doesn’t look like this anymore. After a weekend of wind and rain, the leaves are pretty much down, blown into the gutter, picked up, and in the bin in the garage.

So, is this my last fall leaves picture this year? Probably.

But be warned — the now bare branches against a gray sky look pretty cool. ;-)

Japanese maple leaves

Looking out the front window, I saw the setting sun backlighting the Japanese maple leaves. I love this time of year, when the sunrise and sunset are at “normal” hours.

My favorite photos of 2015

Here, in no particular order, are my ten favorite photos I made in 2015.1This is the third year I have done this; I also posted my favorite photos of 2013 and 2014.

Interestingly, there is no overlap between my favorite photos and my pictures on Instagram that got the most love.2One reason may be that I don’t always post the same pictures on Instagram that I do here. Another is that people give love to pictures for various reasons other than artistic merit.


Walking around Dawson Creek Park, I found this tree budding by a newly plowed field.

By the way, I learned something useful writing this post. Since joining Instagram, I have wanted to post my Instagram pictures on my blog. I find the Instagram editor to be simple to use. It also makes what I can only describe as clean pictures easy to make. Based on local photog Aaron Hockley’s experience, I tried the free version of Instagrate to WordPress plugin.

Instagrate works as advertised, but the images it imports are limited to 640 pixels square. That’s too small for my featured images. I need 775 pixels to display full width on the front end and like to import 1,600 pixels into the back end. Researching the web showed that 640 pixels is currently the maximum size of Instagram pictures. I also learned that my phone might store a larger version of my Instagram pictures in its memory. It does! And they are 2442 X 2442 pixels, much larger than I want or need.

I’m a happy camper. No, I don’t get the cool automatic posting of Instagrate, but I do get the look and resolution I want.


Q: What do Oregonians call a sunny day after two days rain?
A: Monday.

Although this applies today, who am I to complain? Today is beautiful!

Oak felled

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of a couple oaks bordering a field. I returned the next day to take another picture. This last week, one of the oaks fell victim to a feller.

Update. Mom emailed to ask why the oak was felled. I reviewed my pictures, including one I took the morning after the first picture, which clearly shows the oak as severely damaged. In fact, even the first picture shows the damage.