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Tag: time lapse

  • Late Afternoon in the Backyard

    There were more defined clouds today than the last time I tried a backyard time-lapse video. I figured it was a good time to try again. There was more wind, so I decreased the interval between shots from 30 seconds down to 15. I should have used a 5-second interval, or even shorter. I also…

  • Ugly Clouds Timelapse, Take 2

    A few days ago, I struggled to make my first-time lapse video. Today, I learned that Picasa makes creating time-lapse videos easy. I don’t trust any site to stay up forever, so I’m going to capture the essence of making movies in Picassa: Select pictures Create > Movie > From Selection… Transition style: timelapse; Slide…

  • Ugly Clouds Timelapse

    Today I wanted to try to make a time-lapse video. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating. I put my Canon Powershot S100 on a tripod and aimed it out the back window. I started the CHDK time-lapse program with a 30-second interval. Then, 141 pictures later, I turned the camera off. I used Picasa to put…

  • Yosemite Time Lapse

    This video combines two things I love: Yosemite and time-lapse. Enjoy! Hat tip: Bad Astronomy via Scott Beale/Laughing Squid.