Getting the green padlock

Regular visitors to might notice something new: a green1 padlock next to my URL/sitename. This change came as the result of changing hosting companies. I am now running on Tap. It was hard to resist. Only $5 per month lets me use my own domain name,2 and I get SSL security and HTTP/2.3 Tap runs on Google Cloud.

There are some that deride the need for security on a blog. Regardless, Google has indicated that it will take security into account when providing search results. And I will appreciate having the security on the backend when I access my blog using public WiFi.

Sorry this sounds like an ad, but I get nothing for mentioning this. They don’t have a referral program.

It’s not all perfect,4 but I’m amazed how easy the migration was. Especially considering I moved a 11 year old blog with a ton of files and a huge SQL database.5

I’m happy. :-)

  1. It’s green if you use Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari are much more subdued in how they display the padlock. 
  2. Getting the domain is not included in the price. I already had 
  3. I’m still wrapping my head around not having to minify and cache my files to get performance. No more trying to eek out the most performance using Autoptimize and W3 Total Cache on a shared server. 
  4. I’m still working one more issue (now sorted) regarding the www version of my domain name and it’s somewhat hard because their support seems to be in UK and not 24/7. I haven’t yet determined if that’s too big a deal for me, but it might be for you. 
  5. At least from my perspective. A 1.5 GB wp-content folder and a 0.5 GB database might not be large for you, but it did take a while to download. I stuck them in a dropbox so I didn’t have to try to email them.