Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I am so thankful for all my family and friends. I am especially thankful for everyone who helped and supported me in my recent successful job search. There are so many people who helped with suggestions, reviewed my resume, taught me about searching and LinkedIn, asked me good questions, introduced me to people, and provided moral support.

Thank you!

谢谢 Taipei!

Goodbye, Taipei. It was much too short.

Thank you, Jimmy, Falconee, Celia, and Jacky for such a great time. :-)

A Little Recognition

I went for a bike ride to tune up my engine. A little recognition is in order:

  • To those in the cars that saw me and gave me room: Thank you! Some of you gave me so much room that I couldn’t have hit you if I tried. I’m not complaining. :-)
  • To the inventor of bike lanes: Thank you! If everyone saw bikes, I would continue to ride country roads like I used to. Nowadays, I don’t like to gamble my life that way.
  • To the inventor of cycling shorts: Thank you!1When I put them on this morning, they were so cool, I had to check to make sure they had no holes. Black riding shorts — genius!
  • To the sadistic inventor of the average speed mode on my cycle computer: “Thank you!” You’ve turned every bike ride into a race against myself. Specifically, the uphill climbs become races against the average speed. Ouch!

Ride summary:

Actual Time Moving2The user guide calls this the “automatic timer mode,” but I prefer “actual time moving.”1:08:34
Average Speed3This was 15.0 when I stopped at Starbucks. I have no idea why it was 14.8 when I started again. Hmph!14.8
Maximum Speed4“What goes up, must come down. Spinning wheel, got to go round.” Those “hills” on the other sides of creeks are preceded by wonderful downhills. ‘Course, I tend to spend more time going up the hill than down, but that’s another story…28.0
Liquid ConsumedVenti ice water, Grande iced white mocha, Large water bottle

Update. Jamison and I rode to the cousins’ twice today. I got another 14.66 miles, for a daily total of 31.6 miles. :-)

Day 10 on the bike. :-)

The Gratitude Campaign

Ever wanted to say “thank you” to those serving but didn’t really know how? Thanks to the Gratitude Campaign, now you do, using the American Sign Language sign for “thank you.”

What a great idea!

King5 has the story.

Update (Dec 15): I told my daughter, Heather, about the Gratitude Campaign and demonstrated my new knowledge of sign language. She gave me a blank stare and asked me what I was trying to say. Turns out, the Gratitude Campaign is not teaching the American Sign Language sign for “thank you.”

You can learn it here.

Hat tip: Black Five.