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  • Cannon Beach Sunset

    Cannon Beach Sunset

    Sitting on the couch, updating my blog to a new theme, I heard Ashley preparing to leave. And Suzi and Heather preparing to leave … for the beach! With two hours to go until sunset, it was the perfect time to head west. Another great day at the Oregon coast!

  • Cannon Beach Sunset

    Cannon Beach Sunset

    “Mom’s going to be home from work soon. Wanna go to the beach?” Oh, that ranks right up there on my list of favorite questions. :-) Doing the math, an hour fifteen there, we would have about 15 minutes at the beach before sunset, stay at the beach a while longer, then an hour fifteen…

  • Cannon Beach with the Pups

    Cannon Beach with the Pups

    Today, Suzi, Heather, and Gilligan met Ashley, Kevin, and Mousse at the beach. The dogs immediately ran into the river then greeted every dog on the beach. We walked to the Rock and back. Everyone had a great time. Positively heavenly!

  • Cannon Beach Sunset

    Cannon Beach Sunset

    Yesterday, mid-afternoon, we decided it was a good day for a Cannon Beach visit. Jamison grabbed his drone and camera, and Jamison, Suzi, and I headed for the beach. We stopped by Insomnia then drove nearer to the Rock. Jamison set up his drone and took off. I held his phone while he took some…

  • Two trips to Cannon Beach

    Two trips to Cannon Beach

    Last Saturday and yesterday, Suzi and I visited Cannon Beach — twice. It was glorious! On Saturday, we went with Ashley, Kevin, and family. Yesterday, we arrived later afternoon, visited Insomnia, and walked to the rock. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the water so far out. And it was warm! Normally, the water is…

  • Summer sunset

    Summer sunset

    It might not quite be summer, but the weather this week has been beautiful, with peaceful, warm evenings. Mmm… :-)

  • Cannon Beach Memories

    Cannon Beach Memories

    Suzi knew this was going to be a tough day so she had a great idea: let’s go to Cannon Beach. Don’t mind if we do. Thanks, Suzi. :-)

  • Cannon Beach for the new year

    Cannon Beach for the new year

    Once a new year arrives, we love to visit Cannon Beach. This year we didn’t make it until the thirteenth day of the year. We’ve made it earlier in years past. What a beautiful day it was! Blue skies, light breezes, and temps over 60. We started with hot drinks then walked to the rock.…

  • My favorite photos of 2017

    My favorite photos of 2017

    At the end of every year, I review the pictures I’ve posted here and choose my favorites. The pics are in chronological order — this was my year. Here’s my favorite animation from the year. Do you have a favorite? The pics are from the following posts: Quick evening trip to Cannon Beach Family Day…