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  • Sunset Beach

    Sunset Beach

    Gilly enjoyed her first trip to the beach with Mousse, DJ, and Miska. Due to the hot weather in the valley, we took an afternoon trip to Sunset Beach. Although we had a blue sky at first, the clouds marched in and cooled us off. Troy kept us warm and fed with an oversized fire.…

  • My favorite photos of 2014

    My favorite photos of 2014

    Arranged in no particular order,1 are my seventeen2 favorite photos I made in 2014. In fact, they are arranged in random order. Refresh the page to see another order. Have fun! Do it again and again. ;-) Last year, I was able to limit myself to my 10 favorite photos. This year, I couldn’t make…

  • Afternoon Trip to Sunset Beach, Oregon

    Afternoon Trip to Sunset Beach, Oregon

    Saturday afternoon we went to Sunset Beach on the Oregon Coast. And by “we,” I mean Suzi, her sisters, and all our families. When we get together, we always have a great time. :-) Sunset Beach is a long, wide, flat beach that you can drive on. Note to self: check the tide tables before…