Rainy day sunrise

After dropping Suzi off at work, I observed my morning ritual of reading and relaxation. Headed home in the steady rain, I happened to look east. Rather than being the expected gray sky, there was a developing sunrise.1In the other direction was a rainbow, as high as you could ever hope to see. Mmm… :-)


Today we took Jamison to college. I got up early and headed for my morning ritual, getting a drink for everyone else, too.1Well, everyone else except Jamison — not sure how that happened…[

On the way, I stopped at my photo stop across from the Hillsboro airport to catch the pre-sunrise. Mmm… :-)

April Fools’ Sunrise

I used to love April Fools’ Day, but it’s gone from a day of fun to a day where nothing on the Internet can be taken seriously and only fools make announcements.1Will we be able to tell the difference in the presidential campaigns?2Was this an announcement? ;-)

Whether you’re a fool or not, I hope you have a great day!

Silky Ribbons

Thanks to some unresolved issues swirling around too little velocity chasing too many tasks, I left for my morning ritual earlier this morning. As I approached my photo spot across the street from the Hillsboro airport, I noticed misty ribbons weaving through the trees. A brief detour and I continued on my way.