Virtual Starbucks buddies

My Starbucks buddies and I are now doing regular Zoom sessions with our homemade coffee in hand. It’s not the same as sitting on the couch in our regular spots, sipping our favorite drinks, but it’ll do.

Tomorrow, we’ll all have our video cameras working. And I think there may be a couple more regulars to invite.

Stay well!

Update: All our cameras going!

B&W photo challenge, day 4

I am, shall we say, a regular at Starbucks. I leave home a little early so I can pause on the way to work and enjoy my drink there.1Going through the Starbucks drive-through is a waste of money. (Yeah, yeah. I hear you saying Starbucks, in general, is a waste of money… (I think my footnotes need footnotes like my parentheticals need parentheticals)) Starbucks is priced for the in-store experience. As in, go inside and enjoy it on-site. So I do. When the weather is nice,2As it nearly always is in Oregon… I’ll sip my drink outside, under the umbrellas, watching everyone else scurry in and out.

Sitting outside one day,3Yup. I took this picture during a lunchtime visit. I didn’t say I only visit Starbucks in the morning. ;-) I glanced up at the umbrella pole and saw this. Too cool!4I originally posted this picture here, with just a little color. Actually, I think the color adds.

Mid-October Lunchtime Walk, Part II

Hillsboro is back to October weather: instead of yesterday’s blue skies and 73°, today is overcast and might reach 62°. In other words, it’s beautiful!

After all, “There’s no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothes.”1Thanks, @MaryRarick!

So, like yesterday, I grabbed my camera and set out on a walk. I had hoped the soft light would yield better pictures than yesterday’s, but my cheap point and shoot camera didn’t know which leaf to keep in focus.2Or maybe, it’s the operator. Nah… ;-) Oh well. The colors are gorgeous.3A little vector magic and the focus doesn’t matter. ;-) Click the picture for colorful goodness.

How is your October?

Another Good Friday

It’s Friday! The weather is gorgeous. Here are a few of the shots I took on the ride to work.1Yes, taking pictures slows down the commute. For that matter, so does stopping at Starbucks. At least taking pictures keeps me from showing up to work all sweaty.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

This is day 8 on the bike this year.

My Starbucks Signature Drink

My Starbucks Signature lets you build your drink, name it, and share it with your friends. For those fearful of looking stupid, it will even tell you the “correct” way to order your drink (not that I’ve ever had problems with that).1I don’t have problems with ordering or with looking stupid. Sometimes I can do both at once. Regardless, my barista gets my drink right. :-) My Starbucks Signature can also show you nutrition information, but it’s wrong, at least in my case. It doesn’t show the result of all my customizations.

If you want to order my favorite drink for me, now you know how. You’re welcome. ;-)

Update: After visiting my Starbucks this morning, I realized how I really order my Starbucks drink: I hand over my rewards card and say, “My regular, please.” They write my name on my cup and my order on the sleeve.

Starbucks Tells Its Story

Um, yeah. I guess that’s okay.

For me, Starbucks is my grande, extra-hot, two-pump, non-fat, no whip, no foam, white mocha. It’s made special because my Starbucks people know my name, know my order, greet me with a smile, and are fun to talk to while they prepare my drink.

Thanks, Pam, Stacy, Natalie, Lexi, Christine, Corie, Sierra, and Sarah!

Morning Observations

Forgiveness feels so good. Why do I take so long to ask for it? And to recognize that I need it?

Rain. Haven’t seen much of it recently. I’m glad it’s here. I’m glad it waited until after all the leaves came down and were picked up. And after I put up my Christmas lights.

Mmm… Peppermint white chocolate mocha. Now that it’s after Thanksgiving, I can enjoy the “festive flavors.”

Customizable Starbucks gift cards. Cool! Here’s mine. I’d love to be able to order a custom white mug, too. Guess I could just take a Sharpie to the “generic” mugs Starbucks already sells.

Starbucks Gift Card

Recalls are teh sux0r. :-(