It’s been a while since I’ve been able to take pictures out of an airplane’s window, so I made up for it. These are just a few of the shots.

Much of the flight, clouds blanketed the landscape. And I forgot to wear a dark shirt to minimize reflections. And I forgot that sitting near behind the wing on a 737 results in jet wash blurring the view downwards.

I has been a while since I’ve flown. :-)

My favorite photos of 2015

Here, in no particular order, are my ten favorite photos I made in 2015.1

Interestingly, there is no overlap between my favorite photos and my pictures on Instagram that got the most love.2

  1. This is the third year I have done this; I also posted my favorite photos of 2013 and 2014
  2. One reason may be that I don’t always post the same pictures on Instagram that I do here. Another is that people give love to pictures for various reasons other than artistic merit. 

Saturday PM in NoPo

Heather and I spent the afternoon in North Portland. We were on a mission to visit a couple of parks we’d never been to before. First up was Cathedral Park, where the St. Johns Bridge spans the Willamette River. We walked around, waiting for Ashley and Kevin to join us. Of course, we had to walk up the hill to look under the bridge to the far side of the river. It’s clear where Cathedral Park gets its name. Once Ashley and Kevin arrived, we walked the park again, showing them everything we’d discovered. Two brides had arrived, one with her wedding party where the groomsmen wore black and white Nikes and boutonnières made from a leaf and a Lego minifig. Mousse enjoyed the off leash area, playing fetch and greeting other friendly dogs.

Next, we went to Kelly Point Park where the Willamette River joins the Columbia. Mousse bounded through the shallows and tried to fetch a rock batted into the water. Of course, we took more pictures.

We’re looking forward to the rest of the family going with us next time.